About Us

Back in 2013 when we founded our company, we had two clear aims - to offer unique quality online systems and software and first class customer service. Dedicated to solutions that solved procedures problems and passionate about automation we have provided multiple successful solutions.

We then have recently decided to take on new challenge and provide also quality tested products with our EnricoMall.

We aim to offer the procurement solution delivered to you by our selected product. We always do our research to test quality and pricing of what we display for sale. Offering our clients a peace of mind when shopping online.

Recently we have launched our Amazon store offering our clients Prime delivery on most of our catalogue.

On the other hand we are now producing our some of our products. In particular the Laurel and multiple deviated products. We have taken over a full organic Laurel field in Lebanon. Where we can assure our laurel grow in the best environment. Then we process all new deviated products such as oil.

Our Promise to you

 Always Best Quality for The Best Prices